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9sense Podcast received a lot of correspondence, but not all of it was suitable for a testimonial. The testimonials listed below are only a portion of those emails, messages and posts.

“ Intellectually stimulating, humorous, mature and witty. Serious devotion to Satanism serves as the spinal solemn of each segment. Very accessible. Great production quality and variety. One of the best podcasts available. ”

— The(dude)ABIDES, Dec 9, 2015

“ Anytime a podcast is over an hour long, I always listen to see where the fat could be trimmed. There is usually about 45 minuted worth of excellent podcast in very 90 minutes episode. Just wonder what would happen if the producers said "we're going to STOP RECORDING at 45 minutes... no matter what". Might cut out all the mmms and uhhhs and be more to the point. HS! ”

— Hiccup42, Nov 22, 2015

“ Smart people are in the minority. A natural meritocracy.”

— Partially Stoked, Aug 6, 2015

“ I look forward to tuning in each and every week. Great job to all involved. ”

— Levi, Aug 1, 2015

“ You bring so much to the table, thank you. Hail Satan! ”

— Carlos "Mousy" Madrid, Jul 31, 2015

“ Super insightful and always enjoyable. Its hard to stop listening to 9sense once you start!”

— Ben, Jul 27, 2015

“ Highly entertaining and educational from start to finish. ”

— Shah, Jul 2, 2015

“ Tune in to the Greater Satanic Conversation! Adam P Campbell and his contributors deliver it every week. The perspective is always fresh and the information is solid. Think you know about Satanism? Listen to 9sense and have your horizons broadened.”

— Pok Traveler, Jun 8, 2015

“ If you're looking for the best available podcast about putting Satanism into practice that was created by actual Satanists, then look no further. Adam P Campbell is quite well versed in Satanism and conducts the episodes with aplomb, unless he's doing a "Road Rage" segment of course. Then, the comedy begins! The contributors to the show bring in a wide variety of topics that not only deal with Satanism's practices and history, but also give a Satanic perspective of events in the world today, the lost music of the past and human sexuality. Simply put, there is no podcast regarding Satanism that is currently in production that can match up to the level of the 9sense Podcast. I subscribe to it and listen to the show every week.”

— smylex, May 5, 2015

“ Excellent show with educational and entertaining content ranging from social commentary and philosophy to potty humor. What more could you want?”

— Chri5, Apr 2015

“ Nine Sense is a wonderful addition to any Satanist's life. It provides entertainment as well as a perspective surrounded around our modern world.”

— Brandyeł, Apr 6, 2015

“ First, I'm VERY glad to discover this podcast! I was raised Mormon but found videos about the Church of Satan in my mid-20s and have not stopped studying it ever since.”

— skateforfun19, Feb 27, 2015

“ I "reviewed" 9sense a couple of years ago, and felt it time to re-visit my writeup, and give the show the review it deserves. I have been listening for about 2 years now, and I still enjoy every single episode. Adam and his team of co-hosts, provide a Satanic perspective that is informative and well thought out, without taking itself too seriously. I cannot tell you how many times I have laughed out loud at some off-the-cuff banter, and I very much appreciate their approach to the discussions. Adam is a wonderful host, and each of his sidekicks are unique, and I love hearing from every single one. That being said, there are SEVERAL episodes that I have re-played more than a couple times, each of which have given me some very valuable information during my studies of Satanism. There have been some incredible discussions with members of the hierarchy, including the high Priest and High Priestess, that I have truly adored. I have linked others to specific episodes on more than one occasion. I would encourage everyone of like-minded interests to listen to 9sense. I do not doubt that new fans will be hooked from the first download. ”

— Lady E., Jan 19, 2015

“ This show is informative, fun and downright awesome!”

— Mat Stover, Oct 8, 2014

“ What a fabulously intelligent satanic experience! We listen to your podcast regularly and it never fails to drive the conversation for us. Your podcasts on Greater Magic have been influential and your interviews are absolutely top-notch! We look forward to each new episode, please continue the fantastic work!”

— Mickey Knox, Sep 8, 2014

“ I love listening to this podcast, it helps me know more about myself and the people and the world around me.”

— King Beowulf, Sep 1, 2014

“ I discovered 9Sense last year, just by chance, really. And after listening to it once, i was hooked instantly. I always look forward to listening to the Podcast on Monday nights and you always deliver truly fantastic content for us to enjoy. There's no Podcast out there like 9Sense. So thanks for delivering a wonderful, insightful and funny as hell show every week. Adam, Jessie, Erin, Aden & Darren, you never disappoint!”

— Anthony C, May 12, 2014

“ I'd like to take a minute to thank Rev. Adam and all the contributors to the 9sense podcast who allow this show to happen every week for us. There aren't many places a Satanist can turn too for his "Sunday Gospel", but 9sense has created a little black hole in the corner of the internet that attracts and absorbs the open minded under a common ground that allows us to actually listen to other human beings without thinking "this person is a fucking moron".”

— Preston Xavier King, May 2, 2014

“ For now the only Satanic podcast worth listening to. Well-produced, funny and very rarely makes me cringe! (And that's saying something.) All the other Satanist/Satan-centric podcasts on iTunes are awful, awful, poorly produced gothy garbage hosted by individuals who seem to have gotten psychologically stuck in some kind of knee-jerk teenage contrarianism that has lasted well into their 30's. But this 9sense is smart and mature, on top of being fun to listen to. It's the only Satan-centric podcast that doesn't make me embarrassed by association. Thanks Adam & 9sense! ”

— Sean In WI, Apr 26, 2014

“ I really enjoy these and ever since I listened to this podcast for the first time, I have been hooked ever since, never stop these! I enjoy the topics and how it is all put together. It is thought provoking, creative and definitely will share this podcast with people.”

— April Quinn, Apr 21, 2014

“ This show is a bowl of curry in a world of random oatmeal. I thank you for taking the effort to produce this show. It gets me through many long stretches in the kitchen and makes a great, thought provoking bump that gets me through even the most mundane day. Please, keep it up.”

— Robb Graves, Apr 20, 2014

“ 9sense is a reflection of what Satanism means to me; it is honest, witty, and thoughtful. There is tremendous talent behind this show. Adam does a terrific job as host. His friendly approach welcomes the listener to astute commentary mixed with humor and integrity. The various segments offer a diverse lot of entertainment. Agent Provocateur keeps me yearning for more. Darren can see through the malarkey with his comprehensive straight shooting. Erin's "Down to the Crossroads" is a great music show. For me, the rawest form of music is early blues, and her show plays the best of this genre. Militant Eroticism forces me to see society's view on sexuality with new clarity. Aden Ardennes defies all stereotypes and delivers a powerful message. Jessie, from "I Dream of Jessie", is a genie with no master. Her observations are insightful as she offers pragmatic advice to everyday challenges. All the above makes for a fantastic show I will always recommend. ”

— Jeremiah Crow, Jan 28, 2014

“ 9sense is as good for comic relief as it is for provoking thought and good, old-fashioned catharsis. Adam's deprecating humor keeps his sharp wit well in balance, and often either showcases a perspective demonstrating a way other than my own to apply Satanic thought, or completes thoughts I'd had myself. As fantastic a perspective as he has, I'd also be remiss if I were to skip over the other voices, let alone anyone he might add in the future. I've yet to hear a contributor to the podcast who hasn't impressed me in some way. I'd say "keep up the good work", hut these hands are much too capable for me to even say that! ”

— Grigori T. Cross, Jan 13, 2014

“ Diabolically delightful! Adam is a great host, he has surrounded himself with a great group of contributors. The end result is a show that makes me actually love Mondays! If you love it as much as I do, check out the 9sense website and listen to all the great older shows as well. You won't be disappointed!”

— Drizztjoe, Dec 31, 2013

“ I recently discovered this wonderful podcast, and after listening once, I was hooked, I could not get enough, I had to go back and download as many older shows as I could. and I found that I was not disappointed in any of them.”

— Joe Meggison, Oct 18, 2013

“ Truly Outstanding! Great Informative Show! Very Entertaining! Great Views and Opinions!”

— Drizztjoe, Oct 10, 2013

“ 9sense Podcast is by far the best podcast on the internet. The show is informative and funny. Keep up the great job. HS!”

— Christopher Burgert, Sep 29, 2013

“ 9sense is a raw, unfiltered, refreshing view of the world. It takes one episode and you're hooked, consider yourselves warned!”

— John, Aug 25, 2013

“ So Much Good. Adam Always has me laughing and learning.”

— DaughterOfLilith, Aug 20, 2013

“I do not watch television or listen to radio, but this program is so far away from the usual mind numbing dross fed to the herd. I can't stop listening to you, I've never had such a compulsion before. I'm completely hooked, and I don't feel isolated as a British Satanist since listening. Thank you for all your hard work. Keep it up!”

— Tara, Jul 8, 2013

“ 9sense is very well done, it's fun to listen to and it keeps my attention throughout. Adam is great at interviewing guests in such a way that the listener gets a full understanding of who the guests are and what they're about. I also really enjoy the Down to the Crossroads segment with Erin. She's really easy on the ears... and I'm sure the eyes as well! Fun and entertaining! The Infernal Informant is great for keeping up with what's going on in the world. I also like that Adam is changing up the format a little with 9sense Letters, Militant Eroticism, and I Dream of Jessie. This podcast offers so much, and I hope it continues for many years to come.”

— Rocky, Jul 5, 2013

“You will not be disappointed, listening to this is my favorite way to start my Monday. Always entertaining whether you agree with all the topics or not you will always find yourself wanting to listen to 9sense.”

— Meegs, Jul 1, 2013

“A good show that keeps getting consistently better. Started out awkward and amateurish and developed into something worthy of attention to updates and downloads. Fun that ain't for everyone!”

— Earthaen, May 22, 2013

“9sense is the podcast I enjoy to such an extent that I listened to it for smiles, laughs, and catharsis as I recovered from surgery. Mr. Campbell's playful wit and feral sense of gravitas - both when appropriate - are perfectly attuned to dark sensibilities like mine.”

— Grigori, Mar 2, 2013

“Reverend Adam P Campbell is a rising master of the interview - personal, incisive, and intelligent. You will find conversations with him to be informative, intriguing and highly entertaining.”

— Magus Gilmore, Feb 28, 2013

“I listen to 9sense each and every week. Adam's commentaries and interviews make great media -- especially when he YELLS.”

— Magistra Nadramia, Feb 28, 2013

“Adam P Campbell and the 9sense Podcast has quickly earned its way into my weekly routine. He is a true Satanist for the contemporary world, with a light informative, realistic view without getting bogged down in the esoteric. He does not speak for the Church of Satan, but he does speak to the hearts and minds of Satanists. Anton LaVey would be proud.”

— Joe, Feb 28, 2013

“... I usually listen while I'm at the gym, and I have literally fallen out of yoga poses and off the elliptical machine, busting out laughing...”

— KC, Jan 10, 2012

“Couldn't ask for a better Satanic podcast. I look forward to each episode because it's a continuing learning experience for me, always something new, something I agree with almost all the time. I love the new episodes that let you decide for yourself on what's right or not for a more personal experience with Satanism, Satan and his demons.”

— Furrylover105, Dec 5, 2012

“Look no further for high quality, informative, and entertaining commentary from a Satanic perspective. Adam P Campbell shines a Promethean light on current events from a Third Side perspective with plenty of adversarial bombast when die. His many unique guests cover a wide range of interests including musicians, cartoonists, photographers, writers, sculpture artists, and many more.”

— ChaosSedated, Oct 27, 2012

“The segment on Satanism is always spot on and the segment on news events is always well thought out and even I don't agree with Adam's politics. For these alone it's worth listening to. But it's the Creature Feature segment that gives this show its variety. Adam's guests have such a wide range of interests you never know what each new week might bring.”

— 99Lucky99, Oct 15, 2012

“What a horrible world this would be without people like Adam P Campbell and podcasts like 9sense! What am I saying, there are no podcasts like 9sense. It is a one-of-a-kind. As is the host, Adam. He's funny, clever, informed, irreverent, and relatable. There are no flies on this man. I don't know how he does it, but every week he comes up with enough content to fill an hour+, and it's always fresh, always funny, and always, above all else, Satanic.

You get news, interesting guests, commentary on the arts, politics, and always Adam's quick wit, and great sense of humor and humility.

Download and listen every week. I'm not asking you, I'm telling you!”

— chelseagirl19, Oct 8, 2012

“This is an outstanding podcast from a Satanic perspective. I have been listening for around a year now and I always look forward to next week's episode. There have been some amazing guests on the show. Tuning in to 9sense also keeps me in touch with politics and the world I live in. Quite frequently I do not have the time to watch the evening news. Fortunately, Adam does an amazing job delivering U.S., world, and Satanic news and muse to his attentive news.”

— Hound of Tindalos, Oct 3, 2012

“I very rarely write reviews here on iTunes, but I have to give this show and its host Adam P Campbell a 5-Star rating..

Adam P Campbell is an extremely stand up man. I have been nothing but impressed by hearing his thoughts and opinions every week. I look forward to listening to what he has to say every Sunday. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you, don't stop this podcast!”

— ACV1986, Jul 7, 2012

“I love this podcast and listen to it every week. Campbell has the right mix of humor and intelligence. Many podcasters might consider themselves to be an authority on a subject. Campbell is a sort of anti-authority then. This can be best seen on the Infernal Informant section. He is a sort of outsider who is not afraid to be honest and usually quite scathing in his judgments on a topic. Whether you agree with him or not, you will probably find yourself thinking deeply on the subject, and you will probably laugh as well.”

— Eve J, June 17, 2011

“This is a great show! Adam is the host with the most. He has the biggest sense of humor, funny as hell but serious and professional. I think every Satanist should listen to 9sense and will have one hell of a good time. Subscribe Now!”

— Saitan9, Feb 26, 2012

“I find it entertaining. There should be a little better production value, but I will forgive that as it's only 2 episodes old.”

— Anonymous, Feb 14, 2011

“This show is excellent, fun & informative!”

— Doodlejuice1, Feb 11, 2011

“If you have ever thought you don\'t quite fit in or believe in all the things you have been spoon fed your entire life this show is for you. The host has a way of tackling heavy subjects while maintaining a light hearted and fun atmosphere. I am not personally a Satanist but I do enjoy exploring others points of view and this show covers a lot of interesting topics. The last five minutes he puts it out there and discusses things we all do but don\'t discuss, it will have you laughing hysterically. I recently was in a religious discussion at a party and was able to dispel the misguided viewpoints that people have about Satanism and speak from an informed viewpoint. Keep up the good work!”

— Nomad1134, Feb 10, 2011

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