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9sense Podcast was produced every week for five years. As you can imagine, this means there are a lot of episodes to sort through. In addition to the archive RSS feed, you can find all episodes, broken down by year in the links above.

It has been a tradition in the Church of Satan to represent the year in the Age of Fire as declared by our founder and first High Priest Magus Anton Szandor LaVey. Thus as Walpurgisnacht in 1966 C.E. (Common Era) was declared Year I A.S. (1 Anno Satanas), I began producing this podcast in 2011 C.E. which is XLVI A.S. (46 Anno Satanas)

Episode Availability

I produced the final episode of 9sense Podcast in year LI A.S. It was a farewell letter to the 9sense Audience, explaining why I was ending the podcast. You can find that letter here. (You will find the final episode below.)

In the farewell letter I stated that all 9sense episodes will be removed from the server on Walpurgisnacht LI A.S.. However, I have been swayed by the audience's overwhelming reactions. Asking for the episodes to be available in perpetuity. There was so much valuable content we created that stands the test of time, any up-and-coming Satanist or any Satanist that wishes to study Satanism in action, would be missing valuable wit and wisdom if I did in fact remove the episodes.

I am not keeping the episodes available altruistically. I have included a donation button on every page that will help offset the cost of hosting the site, and included a Dashing Devil Grooming sponsor banner (Use Promo Code BAAC at checkout) on every page that will be of benefit to me, if you choose to click through.

Year LI A.S.

  • 9sense Letter to the Audience

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“ I look forward to tuning in each and every week. Great job to all involved. ”

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