9sense Podcast Star Wars Specials

Producer's Notes

With the approaching Star Wars The Force Awakens movie coming out in 2015 C.E., Reverend Adam P Campbell reached out to two of the biggest Star Wars fans he knew that were also Satanists and members of the Church of Satan, to discuss themes surrounding the fictional Star Wars universe as they relate to Satanism. This five-part series of Star Wars Specials with hosts Reverend Adam P Campbell, Dorian Grey & Cameron John is presented below. Enjoy.

Not all of the series has been released. Check back for future episodes.


  • Star Wars - 9sense Special 1 - Why we love Star Wars and how Star Wars is representative of Satanic themes and ideas

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  • Star Wars - 9sense Special 2 - The Hero's Journey as it relates to Star Wars and Satanism.

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  • Star Wars - 9sense Special 3 - The Light and Dark side of The Force as it relates to Star Wars and Satanism.

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  • Star Wars - 9sense Special 4 - Your sexy-Satanic hosts return in the next to last 9sense- Star Wars installment, LIVE! We will be discussing the iconic characters of the Star Wars Universe and their Satanic Expressions.

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  • Satanism & Star Wars Episode V - Special Edition

    NOTE: This is a redo of the original episode that was plagued by audio issues, so as to make watching it impossible.

    Join your hosts Adam P Campbell, Dorian Grey and Cameron John live in the last 9sense episode ever as they discuss the newly released Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the future of Satanism and Star Wars, so kick your feet back on your Dejarik board, power down your Marksman-H combat remote and tell that Wookie to shut the F#@& up already, it's time for the final conclusion to 9sense...

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